It is impossible to specialize not being good at traditional business law. Our seat is in Latvia, but we work with clients and partners internationally. Global vision lets us to provide your business a complete solution which fits the best for your needs.

Experience in traditional banking & finance, investment funds and capital markets allows us to provide expert level service to demanding clients willing to explore legal regulation for opportunities which are provided by fintech start-ups, crypto currencies and ICOs.

Vast due diligence, negotiation and transaction experience accompanied with understanding of how business works makes us a good partner when investigating a business opportunity or negotiating beneficial terms for sale, purchase or other transaction.

Regulation of use of personal data, cross-border data transfer, electronic identification and compliance issues which accompany identification procedures are themes we work with. Small size allows to focus on things we are interested by ourselves and work as subcontractor to international advisory firms.

We have number of clients in real estate industry who highly appreciate our expertise. Apart from long-lasting cooperation with traditional construction companies and real estate operators we have substantial experience in developing and acquiring funding for energy efficiency projects, sustainable housing and business real estate properties.